What my clients say

'Distant healing'

Taryn's Distance Healing works! I've had several Remote sessions with Taryn over the last few years, and have recommended her to my friends. I find it easier; less fuss and travel, plus I can lie down on my own bed and relax. My family and I have had fabulous results, both face to face and over the phone. I would consider Taryn's sessions as a regular part of my health care needs - I call her when things feel overwhelming or out of balance". Beck

'Memory Cleared'

"When that negative memory was cleared, I just couldn't go back into the emotions of it. It was like it had really changed and no longer affects me like it did. I was near the place where was memory had occurred on the weekend, and the place came and went with no negative connotations at all...and that memory was one of my worst ones!"


'Deeply healing'

“I have found Taryn’s sessions deeply healing and surprising. I go for regular sessions, when I am feeling stuck in my thought patterns or in my relationships. Taryn gently finds the way into the repetitive stuck patterns and then through her magical and varied techniques she gently helps me connect to the core of the issue, heal it at a deep level and come out refreshed and anew”. Jane

'Most amazing


'health + happiness'

The most amazing experience of my life! TARYN MCKERROW is amazing!! She has certainly helped me move on with my negative life experiences! I would highly recommend her to anyone!

"Taryn has such a beautiful soul and makes you feel completely at ease. She finds unique ways to get to the core of your issues with her amazing spiritual intuition".

“I didn’t expect such a big change in my health and happiness after Kinesiology, rippling into every aspect of my life!”