For Therapists

Therapist healing

I have been working with a range of Health and Wellness Therapists over time, including those working in Counselling, Yoga Teaching, Psychology, Chinese Medicine, Massage, Special Education, Art Therapy, Community Health, Reiki and Naturopathy.

There are unique energetic aspects of this type of work that can compromise our optimal health and vitality, and in fact,

our ability to provide quality service to our clients.This can can look like;

  • Fatigue and lack of energy

  • Questioning – can I actually DO this?

  • Work/case load capacity

  • Feeling like there’s a lack of freedom and creativity in your work

  • Difficulty in separating yourself from past clients

  • Never having enough time

  • Transference of client’s feelings and issues

  • Feeling like there needs to be something more than the Supervision Process

  • Realising there is a pattern of your clients reflecting back your own imbalances

  • Burn Out

We can work together to create a understanding why the imbalance is occurring. This can be related to the way you are giving

and receiving energy, your motivation for doing the work that you do, or even your ability to create healthy energetic boundary and clearing.

I welcome your contact to discuss your needs/concerns, even if it’s just a inquiry phone call to decipher if my work is the right fit for you, or a colleague whom you are providing supervision to.