You are ready, open to change and you want to feel good!

To get maximum benefit from your first consultation, come with an open mind, and ensure that you’re hydrated.

My sessions are about participating in your own healing, that means:

  • Listen to your inner guidance and inner voice

  • Act on the information and tools you are given in between appointments

  • Take rest time afterward if you need; it can sometimes be difficult to get back into full capacity ‘work mode’

  • Go for a short walk after your session

  • Use healing as a complementary support to your current medical advice and practitioners.


After a session you may experience the following temporary changes:

  • Increased need for rest, or ‘me time’. This is about listening to your body’s needs and giving yourself the space to heal. Activities such as walks, baths, time in nature, or simply resting are beneficial.

  • A sense of clarity, openness, purpose or peace. Or sometimes feeling numb or hazy.

  • Heavier sleep with increased dreaming.

  • Surfacing of emotions that may have been suppressed. I encourage you to feel them, so that your energy can flow again. This could be anger, sadness, joy, love. It’s good to move through emotions that may have been hidden.

  • Physical changes such as immunity response, heightened sensory systems, digestion, or menstrual change can occur as your body adjusts. I encourage you to take care of yourself and I welcome your contact if you have further questions.

So you've already made a booking...
read on.

"Welcome! This means you are ready to invest more in your own well-being. Many of us are now 'waking up' and are desiring more than the status quo, or experiencing discomfort which is forcing change within.

Now is the time to put personal growth and deep connection first. Our world needs the REAL you. I am looking forward to working with you, and thrilled to join with your journey of allowing that soul of yours to Light the Way. 


Taryn xo