Holistic Kinesiology

Advanced Theta Healing

Reiki 1&2

Soul Link TM

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Bach. Applied Science - Health Promotion

Dip. Holistic Kinesiology

Cert. Advanced Level Theta Healing

Cert. Reiki Level 1&2

Cert. Soul LinkTM & Awareness in ConsciousnessTM

Cert. Hot Stone & Lomi Lomi Massage Therapy

My fascination with the esoteric world began with my parent’s influence; practicing Pranic Healing, Breathworks, Reiki, and Emotional Freedom Technique, they both paved the way for encouraging trust and normality in an energetic reality beyond the physical. The late 90’s saw Carolyn Myss’ first Australian Tour of Anatomy of the Spirit, of which me, aged 20, seated front row and centre, was captivated by a woman whose job description was Medical Intuitive. Personal and profound experiences such as prophetic dreaming and psychometry directed me to choose ‘light work’ as my path.

Kinesiology, Theta Healing, Reiki and Soul LinkTM training have given me a comprehensive insight into the various influences of wellness, from environmental toxicity, posture, Chi flow, emotional awareness, trauma, belief systems, to the chakra endocrine system link, as well as epigenetics, past life, and spirit connection. I use various Vibrational Medicine tools including sounding, essence remedies, crystal and gemstone placement, acupressure, divination, essential oils and geometrical mandalas for alignment at a quantum level.

I have also studied with Chris Rowe – Soul Synchronisation, Jen Keylore-Reid with the Peace Space Community, Kelli Virtanen – I Am Centre, and with David Reilly – Readers Daylesford.

  • I successfully guide people to have more passion, vitality and health. Especially when people are ready for healing, are open to change, and want to improve their life.

  • I do this through shifting the core emotional and spiritual blocks that are directly linked to the body’s physical symptoms; such as stress, pain, illness or discomfort.

  • Working in Health Promotion and Natural Therapy over the last 15 years, I  have a unique ability to find the deeper causes of ill-health and gently bring people toward a healthy state.

  • With a deep integrity, intuitive mind, and holistic approach, clients benefit from the long term relationship they form with me; booking in when there is change, transformation or ill-health that is difficult to manage without guidance.

A Dedication...

Meet Belle from Byron; my dear client whom I met in 2018. She was my first online client which instilled in me a great confidence to embrace technology and trust that my distance healing and coaching processes can be received easily. Belle was absolutely dedicated to her own growth and ability to heal, and every time we came together, we would co-create a magic that felt so uplifting, I am sure we both left the sessions on a spiritual high.

The very day that I returned to work from maternity leave, I received a message from her friend. Sadly, he told me that she had taken her life and that he needed my help. Belle had requested in a letter that he contact me to ensure that she had ‘passed’ onto the other side properly. Shocked and overcome, I still could not help but smirk at her dedication to wellness and healing…knowing she would be on the other side! I absolutely knew helping out was a priority for two reasons; firstly, the request came immediately as I returned after 8 months of leave from work, and secondly, I realized that on the very day that Belle died, I happened to have a very potent meditation. I visualized a woman dancing freely. Her and I were grieving and crying together in the wonderment of how beautiful and fragile life is. Belle absolutely loved to dance, however due to physical issues, she struggled to move how she wanted. I couldn’t ignore that type of synchronicity! What an absolute pleasure to be able to be together in the etheric realm on the day she died. 

I had one of the most incredible sessions in my 10+ years of work when I contacted her friend. I was able to reassure him that the modern day notion of suicide resulting in a soul somehow being ‘damaged’ was incorrect, and that she was absolutely OK. It felt like a huge weight lifted from his shoulders. Channeling Belle, whilst on the phone to him, I was able to answer all the questions he had. What an absolute honor to bear witness to such a significant chapter in their lives.

So to you Belle, thank you for everything you’ve given me. It is with great pleasure and conviction that I offer my work to future clients who are dedicated to self-love, growth and travelling beyond! 

“I accept the challenge of visiting planet earth. Not to lose my identity, but to give it birth”. Kaypacha 2021.


Join me in the Slipstream Effect; all the motivation you need to stay connected and motivated to maintain a spirited YOU! Expect emails and invites to special events.

What's the Concept?


Just like the natural drawing force that you gain when driving closely behind another vehicle, allowing the Slipstream Effect in your life creates a magnetic pull toward your highest destiny. Riding in the slipstream means you use less fuel; allowing it into your life means you use less energy. It’s an assisted force that draws you along behind something else; your higher self.

Have you felt it before? You’ll know the Slipstream Effect when you’re experiencing flow, synchronicity, joy, faith, connection to life and a secret knowing that we are really ALL connected. You know you’re really riding it when there’s complete trust in what lies ahead, there’s excitement in the unknown, and your attachment to outcome is severed.

There are so many ways that we can get pulled out of this type of travel from day to day. It can be as simple as your boss telephoning you, and whoosh!...off you slide into the other driving lane and have lost your fuel economy, clear destination and ease. Or, it can be more significant life events such as changes to identity, relationships, work, place and family. In our modern human form, we can be easily strayed from using this natural energy flow, because as a collective, we are still holding onto fear and control. Fear and control prevents us from even knowing that the Slipstream exists in the first place, let alone being able to freely jump in. You probably know someone that rides the Slipstream; they have a radiance and assuredness about them. It’s like you literally want to be near them, so you can jump into the passenger seat.

Connecting with my work allows you to find and maintain connection to the Slipstream. There can be a whole lot of clearing up to do, fears diminished, beliefs re-wired and learnings to take place so that you can feel it. My offerings are based on facing your personal challenges when you’re ready; receiving guidance, coaching and healing, as you are living and working in your regular happenings of life. This creates sustainable change and gives you the opportunity to ‘stick with it’ for the abundance of benefits you can receive. The more you connect in, the more motivated you will be to make changes.

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